Teepee Butte School

Teepee Butte School #1

District 18

Not only does Austin Frontierland contain Pioneer Village, but it also houses the Tepee Butte School #1 of District 18. Before the school was moved to Austin Frontierland in 1977, it had been located eleven miles west and two miles south of Regent. Teepee Butte School contains artifacts from the time in which the school was operational. Such items include attendance records, ink wells, desks, and roll out maps among many other artifacts. The entrance to the school also stores a large collection of academic texts from Agnes Hoybe who was the superintendent of Hettinger County Schools for thirty-five years. As a whole, Teepee Butte School not only is a realistic representation of a rural school during the early 20th century but it also holds a substantial amount of artifacts from the school itself. This makes research materials close at hand.